Nick Orchard
Charlotte, NC

Bio: I was born in Chatham, England in August 1966 - so I am one of the oldest Englishmen alive who wasn't born when we won the World Cup. In fact, if it wasn't for Jackie Charlton conceding a free kick at the end of normal time, I'd be about a week younger. I've lived and worked in London, Moscow, Zurich, New York and now live in Charlotte, NC. I became a U.S. citizen in October 2012, but remain proudly British (even though the blatant, unapologetic xenophobia that drove the 2016 EU membership referendum vote continues to severely test that pride). That vote only helped to confirm to me that the expatriate is the most patriotic of citizens, for their opinions are not tarnished by the day-to-day experiences of living in their home country. I met my wife, Sarah, in Moscow in 1996. We married three years later. She is my life's love and - during our global travels - is the person who finally gave the lie to Robert Browning's assertion, "Never the time and the place / And the loved one all together".

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog – I really enjoyed it and appreciated it. Having lost my father much too early it really rang true.


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